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    Distribution of plant species

    Expected average percentage of stable area of 856 plant species for two different climate scenarios.
    Retrieved from:
    on 10/02/2015

    Species interactions

    Projected spatial mismatches of the Portuguese Dappled White butterfly and its host plants

    Status of marine fish stocks

    "The indicator tracks the ratio of the number of over-fished stocks to the total number of commercial stocks per fishing area in European seas."

    European Environment Agency,, retrieved on 03.02.2015

    Distribution and abundance of animal species

    This indicator is an assessment of the following aspects:
    - Observed latitudinal shifts of four species groups over 25 years in Britain;
    - Temporal trend of bird and butterfly community temperature index across Europe;
    - Projected impact of climate change on the potential distribution of reptiles and amphibians;
    - Projected changes in the climate niche space of the Small Tortoise shell;
    - Changes in mammalian species richness.