Total greenhouse gas (GHG) emission trends and projections

The indicator presents total and sectoral trends of anthropogenic GHG emissions in Europe from 1990 onwards and assesses the progress of the EU, individual Member States and other EEA countries towards their GHG targets.

The indicator provides information on emissions from the main anthropogenic GHG sources, distributed by main emitting sectors, according to the IPCC nomenclature. In addition, the indicator shows the past and projected GHG emissions in the ETS and non ETS sector, in accordance with the EU legal scheme.

Unless otherwise mentioned, the indicator does not cover emissions from international bunkers (international aviation and maritime transport), which are not covered by the Kyoto Protocol. In particular, these emissions are not taken into account in the total GHG emissions reported at national and EU levels.

Emissions from land use, land-use change and forestry (LULUCF) are not included in total national greenhouse gas emissions.
Retrieved on 08-04-2015

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European Environment Agency

Unit of Measurement: 

million tonnes CO2-equivalent' (Mt CO2-eq.)